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Frans Vandeputte, Chef of the gastronomical restaurant of the "Château de Strainchamps" is an honorary member of the "Young European Restaurantkeepers" association.

The " Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe " ( JRE) is an association of young talented restaurantkeepers , driven by the passion for their craft . An internal quality selection guarantees that these ambitious chefs belong to the top of the European  gastronomy.

There are more than 350 JRE-restaurants in Europe, spread across 12 countries... The members of JRE combine high culinary craftmanship with respect for the local traditions and products. The JRE  members are like no other at home in the inventive techniques of the contemporary gastronomy without losing sight of the culinary heritage. These young chefs want to share their expertise. With great enthusiasm and solidarity they exchange their cooking knowledge and provide culinary cross-fertilisation.

The criteria for new members are :

  • between 23 and 27 years old,
  • mentioned in at least 3 national or international guides,
  • recommended by at least 2 members of the association,
  • to be a restaurant owner,
  • motivated and willing  to be  actively engaged,
  • propagate the philosophy of JRE "Talent and Passion",
  • act in accordance with the rules and statutes of the association.

Up to  37 years old one can become a member of JRE.  Members who have reached the age of 37 years  are appointed  honorary member, designated by the term " Table d'Honneur".

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