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Our restaurant is now closed as our Chef has retired.
Our hotel is OPEN. Breakfast is served in your room.

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Since a little over  twenty years, the" Château de Strainchamps " stimulates your taste buds in a remarkable restaurant with gastronomical stars, original and innovative . The gastronomical restaurant is divided into two main parts. The first one allows you to relax after the drive in small easy-chairs, near the new bar and an ancient fireplace.It is the ideal place to take a drink and rest. The second room is a string of small, comfortable and elegant dining rooms. It is the ideal place, to taste the recipes created and prepared by Frans Vandeputte and his kitchen -team, with family or friends. We can also offer you a private dining room for a minimum of twelve persons. The gastronomical  restaurant of the" Château de Strainchamps" is mentioned in different gastronomical guides and various culinary associations.  
Le Château de Strainchamps
Rue des Vennes, 29 - Luxembourg 6637 Fauvillers
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