Opening hours and closing days.

The hotel and the gastronomical restaurant are opened…

  • Open on Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday for lunch and evening, Saturday for lunch and evening and Sunday for lunch.

Exceptional openings

Possibilité de loger à l’hôtel la nuit du dimanche au lundi et de manger le dimanche soir :

  • Sunday 12th April evening (Easter).
  • Sunday 31st May evening (Pentecost).
  • Sunday 18th October (Menu Chasse).
  • Sunday 1st November (Menu Chasse)
  • Sunday 15th November (Menu Chasse)
  • Sunday 29th November (Menu Chasse)
  • Sunday 13th December (Menu Chasse)

Annual closure

  • Sunday 26th April evening to Friday 8th May for lunch,
  • Wednesday 29th July,
  • Sunday 23rd Augustus evening to Friday 11th September for lunch,
  • Wednesday 9th December,
  • From Sunday 20th December evening to Friday 22nd January 2021 for lunch.

Check-in & Check-out Hotel

  • Check-in : from 15h30.
  • Check-out : 11h30.
  • Breakfast : from 08h30 to 10h00.
Le Château de Strainchamps
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