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Our restaurant is now closed as our Chef has retired.
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Gastromania is both a guide and a gourmet magazine since more than 30 years.   Gastromania edits 3 guides each year : Best restaurants, Terraces, Gourmet addresses guides.

Six independent inspectors roam Belgium the whole year long. Belgium has a world-wide real culinary and gastronomical renown.
Between tradition and innovation GASTROMANIA wants to be the reference magazine of all who appreciate gastronomy and the pleasures of the table thanks to undisputed trump cards:   expertise, experience and independence.

The gastronomical restaurant of the "Château de Strainchamps" is mentioned in the Gastromania guide "Best Restaurants" since several years.

Le Château de Strainchamps
Rue des Vennes, 29 - Luxembourg 6637 Fauvillers
Tel : +32 | Fax : +32 63/60.12.28 | Email : contact
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