33 Master chefs of Belgium

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Frans Vandeputte, Chef of the gastronomical restaurant of the "Château de Strainchamps" is a member of the "33 Master chefs of Belgium" association.

The order of the "33 Master chefs of Belgium", an association of pattern-chefs who defend and promote the use of homegrown products , was founded on the 17th of februari 1964 on the initiative of some graduates of the Hotelschool "Ter Duinen" from Koksijde.  

The foundation then corresponded to the wish of numerous enthusiastic cooks who wanted to safeguard essential values  of their profession by the transfer of their culinairy  knowledge and solidarity and where the quality of the products and the dishes, the respect for a friendly welcome and a valuable promotion of the Belgian and regional cuisine played an essential role. 

Gradually  a whole range of young and talented chefs contributed to a better understanding and popularization of our national gastronomy which exceeded our borders and so Belgium gradually acquired the reputation of " the country where one eats the best ". 

The association remains in today's society "The reference" for the culinary associations.

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